Topics include, but are not limited to:

1、信息系统与运营管理-Information Systems and Operations Management (ISOM)

2、经济/金融与运营管理-Economics/Finance and Operations Management (FOM)

3、营销与运营管理-Marketing and Operations Management (MOM)

4、医疗健康运营管理-Healthcare Operations Management (HOM)

5、智能制造管理-Intelligent Manufacturing Management (IMM)

6、服务运营管理-Service Operations and Servitization (SOS)

7、收益管理与定价-Revenue Management and Pricing (RMP)

8、行为运营管理-Behavioral Operations Management (BOM)

9、现代物流与供应链管理-Contemporary Logistics and Supply Chain Management (CLAS)

10、现代交通管理系统-Modern Transportation Management Systems (MTMS)

11、优化调度与运营决策-Optimization Scheduling and Decision Making (OSDM)

12、共享经济-Sharing Economy (SE)

13、实证研究与运营管理-Empirical Research in Operations Management (EROM)

14、智能决策与博弈-Intelligent Decisions and Games (EDG)

15、数据驱动运营管理-Data-driven Operations Management (DOM)

16、人工智能与数据分析-Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (AIDA)

17、数字经济与创新-Digital Economic Advancement (DEA)

18、全球运营战略-Global Operations Strategy (GOS)

19、可持续运营管理 - Sustainable Operations Management (SOM)

20、运营管理实践-POM in Practice (PPR)

21、运营管理的新兴议题 - Emerging Topics in Operations Management (ETOM)

22、信息系统与市场营销-Information Systems and Marketing Interface (ISMI)

23、智能与可持续供应链运营-Smart and Sustainable Supply Chain Operations (SSSCO)

24、平台与可持续运营管理-Platform and Sustainable Operations Management (PSOM)

25、运营管理创新-Operational Innovation (OI)

26、制造与服务运营-Manufacturing and Service Operation (MSO)

Best Student Paper Awards

To encourage students to engage in research in production and operations management, the conference will feature a Best Student Paper Award. Participants submitting full papers will have their abstracts automatically considered in the abstract submission process, eliminating the need for separate submissions. Accepted papers must be presented in English. Best Student Paper Awards:

First Prize: 10,000 RMB (1 recipient) 

Second Prize: 5,000 RMB (2 recipients) 

Third Prize: 2,000 RMB (5 recipients)

The conditions for the Best Student Paper Awards:Not accepted by any academic journals


1. The conference will be conducted in English. Depending on submissions and attendee needs, some sessions may be held in Chinese. Please indicate your preference on the registration form for grouping purposes.

2. Participants who have submitted an abstract and received acceptance must complete their conference registration by the presenter registration deadline (May 25, 2024) or they will be removed from the conference schedule.




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